609 Total Parts
  Image System Compatibility Part Number General Description
  10S18 Switch__Off_thru_18
  602D Capacitor__32Kuf_40VDC
  ABB Power 443T2241 Current_Shiel_Overcurrent_Relay
  ABB Power 427Q4170 Current_Shield_Current_Balance_Relay_-control48to125VDC
  ABB Power DSCP 452 5731 0303-A ABB Master Piece 51 PLC: Controller Unit
  ABB Power DSPC 451 5716 075-K ABB Master Expansion I/O Unit
  ABB Power 265351 ABB STAL Controller- Quick Closing
  ABB Power AE 25060 Stal: Power Supply
  ABB Power 720073 ABB Stal Controller Speed/ Overspeed Measurement & Control
  ABB Power 265351 ABB Stal Controller Speed Supervision
  ABB Power 267268-1 ABB Stal Controller Quick Closing
  ABB Power 265220 ABB Stal Controller Droop & Control Mode Selector
  ABB Power 720072 ABB Stal Controller Load Rejection Detector
  ABB Power 265280 ABB Stal Controller Valve Position Controller
  ABB Power 720069 ABB Stal Controller Valve Position Controller
  ABB Power 265784 ABB Stal Controller Servo Controller
  ABB Power 720115 ABB Stal Controller Split Range Unit
  ABB Power 720514 ABB Stal Controller Analog Signal Conditioning
  ABB Power 720514 ABB Stal Controller Analog Signal Conditioning
  ABB Power 720518 ABB Stal Controller Function Generator
  ABB Power 267768 ABB STAL Controller Selector Unit HPCV
  ABB Power 720068 ABB STAL Controller Automatic Mode Switch
  ABB Power 720071 ABB STAL Controller Step/Gradient Limitter Loading
  ABB Power 720083 ABB STAL Controller Critical Speed
  ABB Power 720084 ABB Stal Controller Follow Up Speed Set Value
  ABB Power 720085 ABB Stal Controller Control Unit for Set Value Run Up
  ABB Power 720086 ABB Stal Controller Mode Selector Run Up
  ABB Power 720087 ABB STAL Controller Set Value Generator
  ABB Power 720088 ABB Stal Controller Run Up Controller
  ABB Power 720116 ABB Stal Controller Target Load Follow Up
  ABB Power 720116 ABB Stal Controller Target Load Follow Up
  ABB Power 720090 ABB Stal Controller Frequency Dead Band
  ABB Power 720090 ABB Stal Controller Frequency Dead Band
  ABB Power 720091 ABB Stal Controller Frequency/Output Controller
  ABB Power 720093 ABB Stal Controller Current / Voltage Converter
  ABB Power 720113 ABB Stal Controller U/I Converter
  ABB Power 720075 ABB Stal Controller Monitor Switch
  ABB Power 720094 ABB Stal Controller
  ABB Power 720096 ABB Stal Controller Overspeed Trip
  ABEX Corp Aero Division 78137 AMEX Corp Aero Div Jet Pipe Servo Valve (25GPM @ 1000DP, Rated 1600 CUR Ma16)
  Advantec PCM-5820-GOBO Processor_Board
  Agastat 7014PB Timer_Relay_125VDC_7tenths_to_7seconds
  Agastat 7014PC Timer_Relay_125VDC_2to20_seconds
  Agastat 7014PD Tomer_Relay_125VDC_10to100_seconds
  Agastat 2412MTD Timer_Relay_28VDC_2_and_half_to_50_seconds
  Agastat 2412MK Timer_Relay_28VDC__1to300_seconds
  Agastat 7012MH Timer_relay_28VDC_3to30_minutes
  Agastat STARX012XSECXA Timing_Relay__0to30Seconds_24VACand24VDC
  Agastat STARX012XSEAXA Timing_Relay__1to3Seconds__24VACandVDC
  Agastat STARX012XSEBXA Timing_Relay__.5to1.5Seconds__24vacandVDC
  Agastat 2414PE Timing_Relay__120VDC__10to200seconds
  Agastat 2414PD Timing_Relay__120VDC__2and1half_to_50seconds
  Agastat 7012PEL Timer Relay 20-200 sec 125 VDC Coil
  Allen-Bradley 700_RTC00000U1 Type_RTC_Solide_State_Timer_relay___.05secto64mins
  Allen-Bradley 700_RTC10I01U1 Type_RTC_Fixed_Time_Delay_Solid_State_Timer___ one_minute
  Allen-Bradley 700_P200A1 TYPE_P_AC_RELAY
  Allen-Bradley 800N_JR2 3_pos_sw_2no___Hand_off_auto_used_MII_MIII
  Amp 15822040 Connector__GEpartnumberGE2031J82_001
  ATC 0328A200q10XX 328 Series MOS Time Delay Relay
  ATC 0407A500F3X Timer_Relay_Series_407_24to240VAC_2point5_50_sec_min_hrs
  ATC 0407A100F3X Timer_Relay_Series_407_24to240VDC_0to1_sec_min_hrs
  ATC 0407B100F3X Timer_Relay_Series_407_24to240VACor24VDC_0to10_sec_min_hrs
  Automation Direct D2-09BDC-1 Logic_205_9POS_Module Rack_with_12and24VDC_P/S
  Automation Direct DL250-1 CPU Module, DL250-1 CPU
  Automation Direct D2-16ND3-2 16PT 24VDC SINK SOURCE INPUT
  Automation Direct F2-04RTD Module, IN RTD Temp stored in chassis
  Automation Direct F2-04THM Module, IN DC THERMOCOUPLE
  Automation Direct F2-02DA-1 Module, OUT ANALOG 2 CH (Terminal COVER Removed)
  Automation Direct D2-08TR Direct Logic 205 8PT RELAY OUTPUT 5-30VDC OR 5-240VAC
  Automation Direct D2-RMSM Module, Remote M/S
  Automation Direct D2-RSSS Module, Remote S
  Automation Direct H2-EBC Module, RS232 Serial Port/Ethernet Port
  Automation Direct T1K-08B I/O Module Terminal Half Base
  Automation Direct T1K-16B I/O Module Terminal Full Base
  Automation Direct D2-04TRS Direct Logic 205 4PT ISOLATED RELAY OUTPUT 5-30VDC OR 5-250VAC
  Automation Direct D2-09B 9 SLOT BASE WITH INTERNAL 24VDC P/S
  Automation Direct F2-04AD-1 IN_ANALOG-4ch_module
  Automation Direct 00000000 CHASSIS
  Automation Direct FC11 module, 4__20_mA__ISOLATION
  Basler 9037000100 Manual Voltage Control MVC 104
  Basler 9072300100 Motor Operated Control Potentiometer MOC 2102
  Basler SR4S2B01B3A Static Voltage Regulator
  Basler 9105100105 Under Frequency/Over Voltage Protection Module UFOV 260
  Basler 9110000101 VAR/Power Factor Controller SCP250-G
  Basler 9049000100 Voltage Regulator Input 208 V 3 Ph
  Bently Nevada 72311-01-01-02-03-01-04 Negative Record ASSY
  Bently Nevada 45631-01 Dynamic_Data_Manager
  Bently Nevada 330100-50-00 Proximitor_Sensor
  Bently Nevada 2150802121002 Vibration_Probe
  Bently Nevada 75689-01 Process Data Manager
  Bently Nevada 2155/00-08-01-00-01-11-11-11-00 Transient Data Interface
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/05-25-00-00 12 Position Rack Chassis
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/20-01-01-00-00-00 Dual Thrust Monitor 3300/20
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/70-XX-00 Dual Valve Position Indicator 3300/70
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/16-04-01-01-00-00 Dual Vibration Monitor 3300/16 XY/GAP
  Bently Nevada 3300 84157-01 LVDT w/Pot and Record Terminals - I/P only rear assy
  Bently Nevada 3300 82365-01 Temperature Outputs (W/RelayS)
  Bently Nevada 3300 82364-01 Temp Recorder - I/P
  Bently Nevada 3300 82367-01 Thermocouple Input
  Bently Nevada 3300 81544-01 XDCR I/O and Record Terminals - I/P only__mounted_in_rear_of_rack
  Bently Nevada 3300 81545-01 XDCR I/O and Record Terminals Alarm relay outputs_in_ rear _rack
  Bently Nevada 3300 82926-01 XDCR I/O and Record Terminals w/relays
  Bently Nevada 3300 84140-01 XDCR I/O and Record Terminals w/relays rear assy
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/30-02-01-01-00-00 Six Channel Temperarure Monitor 3300/30 for Thermocouplers
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300_05_23_00_00 Eight_Position_Chassis_Rack_3300
  Bently Nevada 3300 79492-01 Six Channel Temperature Monitor
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/55-04-01-08-08-00-00-03-02 Dual Velocity Monitor
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/20-02-01-01-00-00 Dual Thrust Monitor
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/03-01-00 System Monitor
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/01-01-00 System Monitor
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/12-01-20-00 Power Supply
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/10-01-02-00-XX Power Supply
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/55-04-01-08-08-00-00-03-00 Dual Velocity Monitor
  Bently Nevada 3300 3300/15-03-01-01-00-00-00 Dual Vibration Monitor
  Bently Nevada 7000 58389-01 12 Slot Chassis
  Bently Nevada 7000 73879-01 7000 to 7200 Cable to Card Adapter
  Bently Nevada 7000 73879-02 7000 to 7200 Cable to Card Adapter
  Bently Nevada 7000 17155-02-01-06-0104-1130 Eccentricity Monitor 1E1-R
  Bently Nevada 7000 10653-02 H PCA, 2 CH A/D Trip
  Bently Nevada 7000 10653-03 H PCA, 2 CH A/D Trip
  Bently Nevada 7000 14957-01F PCA For RCDR Switching 3 Input
  Bently Nevada 7000 14434-01-01 C PCA, POS Signal Cond w/Timed OK
  Bently Nevada 7000 14436-04-02 E PCA, POS Signal Cond w/Timed OK
  Bently Nevada 7000 17246-01 PCA, Speed Monitor Sig Conditioner
  Bently Nevada 7000 10656-01H PCA, unknown
  Bently Nevada 7000 12254-01B PCA, unknown
  Bently Nevada 7000 12569-02E PCA, unknown
  Bently Nevada 7000 17150-01-01-00-0000-0000 Power Supply S7000-R
  Bently Nevada 7000 17058-01-01-01-0101 Speed Monitor 1SP-R
  Bently Nevada 7000 17015-01-01-0104 Valve Position Monitor 1VP-R
  Bently Nevada 7000 17152-01-11-04-0104-3130 Vibration 1RV-R
  Bently Nevada 7200 7205451-01 14 Slot Chassis
  Bently Nevada 7200 7205452-01 8 Slot Chassis
  Bently Nevada 7200 72790-03-02-01-00-02-02-60 Digital Tachometer 7200 TACH
  Bently Nevada 7200 73250-01-01-03(?)-03-01-04 Dual Thrust Monitor 7200 DVTR-R(was used in 7000 chassis)
  Bently Nevada 7200 72050-01-00 Power Supply S7200-R
  Bently Nevada 7200 72250-02-01 Proximity Output Panel 7200 PP-R
  Bently Nevada 7200 3 72425-01 Shaft Voltage Monitor 7200 SV
  Bently Nevada 7200 72300-01-04-02-01-01-01 Thrust Monitor 7200 TP-R
  Bently Nevada 7200 72200-01-04-01-01-01-01 Vibration Monitor 7200 RV-R
  Bently Nevada 7200 72358-01-01 Dual Thrust Monitor 7220 DVTP-R
  Bently Nevada 7200 7200VP-R Valve Position Indicator, Cat# 72938-01-05-01-01-15, S/N J663582, J663571
  Bently Nevada 7200 72645xx020102010115xx 7200_Ramp_Diff_Exp_Monitor_7200RDE_R
  Bently Nevada 7200 729400101010115 Case Exp Indicator_7200CE
  Bently Nevada 7200 727900301150002050060 Digital_Tachometer-7200TACH
  Bently Nevada 7200 72950-03-00-01-01 Zero Speed Monitor, 7200ZS
  Bently Nevada 7200 72350020402030115 Dual_Thrust_Monitor_7200DVTP_R
  Bently Nevada 7200 7297503030101010115 Eccentricity_Monitor_7200EIPP
  Bently Nevada 7200 72564-52-04-03-05-01-01-15 Dual_Probe_Monitor_7200RVDP-R
  Bently Nevada 7200 S7200-R 7200 Power Supply, Cat# 72050-01-08-01-00
  Bently Nevada 7200 7256452040305010115 Dual_Thrust_Monitor_7200_RVDP_R
  Bently Nevada 7200 723170205 Rotor_Accelerator_7200_RA_R
  Bently Nevada 7200 729380105010115 Valve_Position_Indicator_7200_VP_R
  Bently Nevada 7200 720500108 Power_Supply S7200_R
  Brekwith Co Elect Inc M-0420 Pride_Multifunction _Relay_Phase_nuetral_elements__UnderOverFreq_Volt Current
  Brush Electrical Machines 96029 41/42 M.A.V.R.
  Brush Electrical Machines 9602941/57 M.A.V.R. Stand by
  BYRAM LABS 1953DSP Meter_Relay__Range_neg10toplus10_VDC
  Campbell Scientific CR10 Measurement and Control Module
  Communications Instruments 42RJ-23057 Relay 2 Pole, Double Throw
  Crompton Instruments 256-TTVW 256-TTVW
  Crompton Instruments 256-TTAW 256-TTAW
  Custom Control Sensors 604GM2 Gauge_Pressure_Switch_DPDT_ADJSetPT_Range8to75PSI_1new_2used
  Custom Control Sensors 604GM5_GE165A912XA10 Gauge_Pressure_Switch_DPDT_ADJSet PTRange300to1KPSI_3used
  Custom Control Sensors 604GX2_GE165S912XA11 Gauge_Pressure_Switch_DPST_ADJSetPTRange8to75PSI_1new_1used
  Custom Control Sensors 604VM1 Vacuum_Pressure_Switch_DPDT_ ADJ 3.5to28.5in_HG_new
  Custom Control Sensors 604GM3 Pressure Switch 5000 PSIG (345 bar) 125/250 VAC 5A, 125 VDC .5 A
  Custom Control Sensors 604PM12 Pressure Switch 20-200 PSIG
  Custom Control Sensors 604PM15 Pressure Switch 170-1400 PSIG
  D/R DIV 379504 Solid State Relay
  Datel UPM-5/2000 Single Output Power Supply_used_on_MARKIII
  DYNISCO PT303-1M Transducer__1to1000PSIG__GEpart_3102J42_14
  Eaton 800A1C1E2J14L2N1 GE2101J82P139 Display_Pushbutton_Green
  Eaton 800A1C1ECJ14L2N1 Display_Pushbutton_Red
  Eaton 800A1C1E2J14L2N1 GE2101J82P118 Display_Indicator_Green
  Eaton 800A1CE2J14L2N1 Display_Ind_Amber__GE_2101J82P0140
  Elco 3114J12002 Connector_56positiom_FML
  Elco 3114j12001 Connector_56positiom_male
  Electmagnet Ind 150-802 Current Transformer Ratio 8000:5 25-400 HZ
  Electroswitch 78060 Lock-out Relay 125 VDC
  Fisher Controls GE1131G57E47 Airset_Filter_Spring_Range_5to35psi
  GE 3095J83 Rotary Transducer
  GE 50-1400 31 SNAA 800A 50MV Shunt
  GE CR2940U201 Contact Block (Switch), 1 NC, 1 NO MANUF: GE
  GE 10CK754 GE 2 Position, 2 Pole SBM Rotary Switch (Synchronizing Journal/Thrust Bearing)
  GE 10CK755 GE 2 Position, 4 Pole SBM Rotary Switch (KW/KVAR)
  GE 10AA053 GE 2 Position, 4 Pole SBM Rotary Switch (KW/KVAR 1/2)
  GE 10BW790 GE 3 Position, 2 Pole SBM Rotary Switch (Synchronizing Journal/Thrust Bearing/Housing)
  GE 10BW146 GE 3 Position, 2 Pole SBM Rotary Switch (Temp Meter RTD Journal/Thrust Bearing/Housing)
  GE 10BW789 GE 3 Position, 3 Pole SBM Rotary Switch (Off/Local/Remote)
  GE 10CK753 GE 3 Position, 4 Pole SBM Rotary Switch (Off/Local/Remote)
  GE 10BW791 GE 3 Position, 5 Pole SBM Rotary Switch (Man/Rem/Auto)
  GE 10AA009 GE 4 Position, 3 Pole SBM Rotary Switch (Voltmeter 0/1/2/3)
  GE 10AA016 GE_4 Position_5 Pole_SBM_Rotary_Switch_Ammeter_Voltmeter__OFF_1_2_3
  GE 10AA006 GE 8 Position, 3 Pole SBM Rotary Switch (Off/1-2/2-3/3-1/Off/1/2/3)
  GE 50-1400 31 MT AA Shunt, 10A, 50MV
  GE 91246181 Gauge, Vertical, Dual Scale 0 TO 100%, FS 10VDC
  GE 1A01EXA003XH GE DC Contactor DS303A 600 Volts Max
  GE 12HGA11J52 Auxiliary Relay, 125 Volts, GEF-2623
  GE TEB132020 GE_Circuit_Breaker_240VAC_20A_3leg_10,000 AMP@240 VAC
  GE TEB122025 GE_Circut Breaker_240VAC_25A_2leg_250VDC_10,000 AMP@ 240VAC
  GE 12STV11A2A Volts/Hertz Relay Type STV Volts 48/125/250 DC, Rated AC Voltage 120
  GE 12HGA11J70 Auxiliary Relay, 115V, 60 Cycles, Inst. GEH-1793, Parts Bul# GEF-2623
  GE 208A6729-G1X2 GE 2 Position, 10 Pole, Type SB-10 Switch
  GE 16SB1UB5A49LUM2V GE 5 Position, 16 Pole, Type SB-1 Switch
  GE 10BC213 GE 2 Position, 7 Pole, Type SBM Switch
  GE 50-188A4151P37 GE Degrees Fahrenheit Guage, FS-6V, Type DB 40, Code IC
  GE 50-236302AAAA3 GE Hours Guages, 120V, 60 cycles
  GE IC3603A177AD2 GE Relay
  GE IC3601A228A GE Power Supply, 28 Volts Out, 55 - 75 Volts In DC, 10 Amps
  GE IC3601A214A GE Power Supply, 50Volts Out, 65 - 100Volts In DC, 3 Amps
  GE 10AE428 Lower _Raise _Two_Momentary_position_SBM_Switch
  GE 10AT226 Auto_RemOff_Man__Six_Pole_SBM_Switch
  GE 10AA004 Voltmeter_4_pos_2_Pole_SBM_Switch_Positions_Off_1to2_2to3_3to1
  GE 10AA010 Ammeter_3pos_4pole_SBM_Switch_Positions_1_2_3
  GE 10AA108 Breaker_Control_3pole_2momentaryPos_Sw_Positions_Trip_Close
  GE 12HEA61A223X16 Lockout_Relay
  GE 12HEA61V36X16 Lockout_Relay
  GE 3S7930NA145G1 Component_Board
  GE 3S7930NA158G5 Component Board
  GE 3S7930NA158G6 Component_Board
  GE 44A336210G01 Component_Board
  GE 44B371548G01 Component_Board
  GE 44B371550G01 Component_Board
  GE 44B373188G2 Component_Board
  GE 44B377098G01 Component_Board
  GE 1C3603A271A Thermocouple_Averaging_Module
  GE 12HFA51A49H Relay_type_HFA__115VAC_60HZ
  GE 12HFA51A42H Relay_type_HFA__125VDC
  GE 12HGA33A6 Relay_type_HGA__24VDC
  GE 12PJC11A5 Instantaneous_Current_Relay_PJC
  GE 10BC212 Switch_SMB_STOP_START__2_momentary_Pos__7_pole
  GE 12PJV11A39 Instantaneous_Overvoltage_Relay
  GE 3S7932HA115G85 MOVA_90P_125V
  GE 3S75000AA100E16 MOVA_Pot_Drive_mounted_on_MOVA_90P_125V
  GE 10BR613 SBM_Switch__Labeled_64F_TS__Stops_Reset_Normal_Test
  GE 228B3156G1 Mova_Motor_ASM_mounted_on_MOVA_90P_125V
  GE 1C3601A238A Power_Supply__In35to48VDC__Out12VDCat10A
  GE 50_112742AGXBIXAA Varmeter_Megavars_Scale_minus15toplus30
  GE 50_112372ANAMI Freq_Meter_Hertz__Scale55to65
  GE 50-112111AERXI Ampmeter_DCAmperes_Scale0to300
  GE 50_112221ARRCIBND AC_Wattmeter_Megawatts_Scale0to40
  GE 50-105021PZYJ1 AC_Ampmeter_Kiloamps_Scale_0to2
  GE 50_105021PZYJ1 AC_Voltmeter_Scale0to150__Kilovolts_Scale0to90
  GE 50_105452AAAA1 Sycroscope_Slow_Fast
  GE 50_112011RXRX1 DC Voltmeter 0-300 VDC
  GE 50-188A4151P38 DC Volts_Meter_Scale0to20
  GE 50-188A4151P40 Percent_scale90to110
  GE 50_188A4151P54 Percent_RPM_Scales_Percent0to120__RPM0to600
  GE 50-236302AAAA2 Elapsed_Hours
  GE 3S7932MD215A7 Transducer_Panel
  GE 3S7932CD168G6 Transfer_Panel
  GE 3S7932YA130A2 Stag_Over_Excitation_Part_of_Transfer_Panel
  GE 177B4632G1 Inverter_Control_Panel_part_of_Transferpanel
  GE 3S7930PA104A3 Var_PF_Controller
  GE 988E102 G02 Control_Panel_2
  GE 3S7932MA336G11 Volt_Hertz_Panel
  GE 12GHA11J52 Volt_Hertz_Aux_Relay__partof_VoltHertz_panel_125VDC
  GE 988E103 G01 Control_Panel_1
  GE 988E103_G01 Gen_Control_Panel
  GE 3S7930SD105G3 Manual_Regulator_Panel
  GE 177B4627G1 Annunciator_Panel_Turbine_Status
  GE 3S7932KA118D4 U_R_A_L_
  GE 3S7930SA105G1 Reactive_Current_Compensator
  GE 1C3601A228A Power_Supply__In55to75VDC__Out28VDC
  GE 1C3601A214A Power_Supply_In65to100VDC_Out50VDC
  GE 3S7931SA224A1 Regulator_Panel
  GE 246B2707G1 SRV_MID_Panel
  GE 1C3603A282A Rectifier_P_S
  GE 150C303F01 Voltage_Regulator_Assembly
  GE 376C015G06 Voltage_Regulator_Card_Part_of_150C303F01_Volt_Reg_Assy
  GE 1C3603A124A Card_Module_100to230VDC_part_of_1C3603A282A_Rectifier_P_S
  GE 3S7932HA115G24 MOVA_Panel_90P
  GE 3S75000AA100E18 MOVA_Pot_Drive
  GE 3S7932HA115G23 MOVA_Panel_70P
  GE 9T63Y3001 Hi_Voltage_Transformer_ASSY
  GE 3S7930PA104A2 Var_P_F_Controller
  GE 12NGV15B2 Undervoltage_Relay_Type_NGV_120VDC
  GE 16SB1CG26X2 Switch_Type_SB_1_2position_2pole_Label__1_2
  GE 1C3603A177AD2 Relay
  GE CR2940U301 Heavy_Duty_Reset_Switch
  GE 12HEA99AA2X2 Aux_Relay_24V_Voltage_Reg
  GE 16SBIU5A49LUM2V Switch_Type_SB_1__5position
  GE 208A672929GIX2 Switch_Type_SB_10__3position
  GE IC3600AOAC1F Printed_Circuit_Assy
  GE IC3600LSRB1A Printed_Circuit_Assy
  GE IC3600LIBB1A Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600LRDC1A Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600LIVD1A Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600LRLB1A Printed_Circuit_Board
  GE IC3600LCDA1B Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600SVDC1C Printed_Curcuit_Board
  GE IC3600SOSF1D Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600SFIB1D Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600LLXA1A Printed_Curcuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600LGXA1A Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600LLEA1B Printed_Circuit_Board
  GE IC3600KVSA1C Printed_Circuit_Board
  GE IC3600SPRB_RevA Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600ADAD1A Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600AIAC1E Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600AVIA1C Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600AIAD1B Printed_Circuit_Board
  GE IC3600PTJA4A Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600LINA1B Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600SSLA1D PCA_Over_or_Under_Speed
  GE IC3600SOTD1D PCA_Channel_AorB
  GE IC3600SSVA1E PCA_CURLoop_or_POSLoop
  GE IC3600STKP1C PCA__TemporBias__TripAorB
  GE IC3600SSKA1C PCA__HPorLP_Acc_Gain
  GE IC3600SVDD1A PCA__Velocity_Sel__or__Channel_Sel
  GE 68A944219_RevA PWB
  GE IC3600QOXA??_RevA PCA_Overspeed_Reset__Trip_Speed
  GE IC3600QOXA2M_006 PCA__Overspeed__Reset__Tripspeed
  GE 359X160atIBL10_0F PRinted_Curcuit_Assembly
  GE IC3600LINA1D1B Printed_Curcuit_Assembly
  GE 359X160atIBL24_6O PCA_10_resistors
  GE 359X160atIBL24_6E PCA__10_Diodes
  GE 359X160atIBL24_6C PCA__10_Capacitors
  GE 359X160atIBL27_7D PCA__4pcs_Capacitors
  GE 359X160IBL27_7C PCA__4pcs_Resistors__4pcs_diodes
  GE IC3600LSFD1B Printed_Circuit_Assembly
  GE IC28001609 DC_Coil_Contactor_600V_Max25A
  GE IC3603A290A Rectifier
  GE 869026RG2 Terminal_Board_600V-50A
  GE GE_2101J82_119 Display_Indicator_Split_lens_both_Red
  GE GE_2101J82_204 Square_shell_For_4displays
  GE GE_643A369_046____6105700647 Light_Ind_Lamp_125vdc
  GE 3107J47 Board_Assembly
  GE 4107J47 Board_Assembly
  GE CR220HC78J22___GE2122J95_003 Relay_120VDC_DPDT
  GE 44B371549G01 PCA_Transducer_II
  GE CR120ADD02249AA____GE2047J55_019 Relay_28VDC
  GE CR120AD03149AA____GE2047J55_018 Relay_28VDC
  GE 21747_040_01_______GE728C685_003 Cable_probe_Extention_10meters
  GE 003102083_001____GE3102J38_001 Axial_Probe
  GE GE2101J82P0140 Indicator_Pushbutton_Amber
  GE 218A4181_1 De_Energizer
  GE 3S7932HA115G75 MOVA_90P_125V
  GE DS3820SVRB1A1A Static_Voltage_Reg___old_exciter_system
  GE 246B135G1 Transformer____old_exciter_system
  GE 50-140034NGAA SHUNT-20a__100mv
  GE 50_4125_472500jkhb fREQ XDUCER IN_85_135vac_rANGE_55_65hz
  GE 3S7932YA122A3 Field Gnd Detector
  GE CR284DU201 Heavy_duty_Sw_momentary
  GE 12HEA63A242A2 Aux_Relay_24vdc_used_as_excite_field
  GE 6105700G47 Light_ind_lamp_125VDC
  GE 44B32198G01 Componemt_board
  GE 218A4084_1______393D10_1 Relay_600ohms_28vdc
  GE 50-112502CAABI Meter_Degrree-C-20-to-140
  GE 50-105141LSVE2 AC_Kiloamp__0__2
  GE 50-105021PZPZIAAA AV_Voltmeter_dual_scale___Volts_0to150___Kilovolts_0to18_
  GE 50-103121XXXXXXX DC_Ampmeter__0_to_400
  GE IC3601A2100 Power_Supply__in65_to_100VDC__Out_100VDC
  GE 760X90G Power Transformer 120 V - 69.4 V (50-400 Hz)
  GE 112502CAAB1 Temperature Meter 20 - 140 Deg C
  GE 112372ANAN1 Frequency Meter 55-65 Hz
  GE 105031PZPZ3AAT AC Volt / KiloVolt Meter 0-150 V, 0-18 kV
  GE DB-30 DC Amp Meter 0-800 Amp
  GE 105141LSVG AC Kilo Amp Meter 0 - 2.5 kA
  GE 103111FAZZ Power Factor Meter Lag 0.5 - 1 - Lead 0.5
  GE 12HGA11J70 Auxiliary Relay, 115 VAC Coil
  GE 10AE428 Lower/Raise Type SBM Switch
  GE 16SB1AB300SUS2Y Trip-Close Type SB-1 Switch
  GE 16SB1BB320SUS2Y Lower/Raise Type SB-1 Switch
  GE 12NGV15B2 Undervoltage Relay, 120 V Coil
  GE 12HEA61A222X2 Lockout Relay
  GE 44c372656-G01 Static Voltage Adjustment Counter Module
  GE 44C33187-G01 Impedance Compensator Module
  GE 44C331830-G02 Voltage Sensor Module
  GE 44C372696-G01 Regulator Module
  GE 304A8496 AC/DC Module
  GE 44C331876-C01 Inner Loop Regulator Module
  GE 304A6045 Syncro III Module
  GE 44C331891-G01 Reference Phasor II Module
  GE 304A8465 Trigger Generator II Module
  GE 304A8468 Transfer and Tracking Module
  GE 44C331881-G01 Static Voltage Adjustment Control Module
  GE 112221ARB41BTD AC MegaWatts Meter
  GE 1054352AAA1 Sychroscope
  GE 12IJF51B2A Frequency Relay
  GE 12IJF51A1A Frequency Relay
  GE 12IAC53A801A Time Overcurrent Relay
  GE 702X63G924 Kilowatt-Hour Power Meter
  GE 12IJCV51A13A Overcurrent Relay With Voltage Restraint
  GE 12ICW51A2A Power Relay
  GE 12CFD22B1A High Speed Differential Relay
  GE 12SFC151A2A Time Overcurent Relay
  GE 12INC277R2A Negative Sequence Overcurrent Relay
  GE 12GXS11B1A Synchronizing Relay
  GE 12CEH51A1A Loss of Excitation Relay
  GE MK II 786E201P1G1 3 KHZ Oscillator
  GE MK II 698E874G2 Acceleration Speed Indicator B18
  GE MK II 4076J85G1 AUX Relay
  GE MK II 818D312G1 AUX Relay
  GE MK II 4019J47G1 DC Power Supply 24 VDC
  GE MK II 4019J46G1 DC Power Supply 32 VDC
  GE MK II 7556D15G1 DC Power Supply 32 VDC
  GE MK II 788E180G1 IP (Pressure) Control
  GE MK II 975E165G1 Overspeed Trip
  GE MK II 7556D16G1 Power Supply Monitor +26 VDC
  GE MK II 7556D18G1 Power Supply Monitor +30 & (-) 22 VDC
  GE MK II 4131J19G2 Servo AMP
  GE MK II 4131J19G1 Servo AMP VI
  GE MK II 7556D16G1 SLCM Output (Speed Load Control Module)
  GE MK II 786E692G1 Speed Sum
  GE MK II 7486D58G2 Speed Translator
  GE MK II 4141J58G1 Speed Translator Function
  GE MK II 4136J70G1 Thrust Force
  GE MK II 786E201P1 3_KHZ_Oscillator
  GE MK II 50-250201CYCY1JAF Percent Deviation Meter
  GE MK II 50-250201FAFA1JAD DC Miliamperes Meter
  GE MK III 4145J19G01 15 Volt Power Supply
  GE MK III 4137J40G10 24 Relay Assembly
  GE MK III 4137J40G11 24 Relay Assembly
  GE MK III 4137J40G3 24 Relay Assembly
  GE MK III 4145J19G02 26 Volt Power Supply
  GE MK III CR120AD03149AA 28 VDC Relay__Type4NO_4pc_Type1NO_3NC_4pc_Type2NC_2NO_3pc
  GE MK III 4116J79G2 2 Ch. Vibration Board
  GE MK III 4116J89G2 3 KHZ Osc. Board
  GE MK III 4136J60G1 5/24 Volt Power Supply
  GE MK III 4147J40G02 8 Relay Assembly
  GE MK III 4137J40G06 Assembly, 24 Relay
  GE MK III 4136J61G1 Auto Isochronous
  GE MK III 4136J57G1 Dual Set Point Board
  GE MK III 4136J59G1 General Purpose Board
  GE MK III 4136J58G1 Interface Board
  GE MK III 4145J42G1 Isolated E/I Board
  GE MK III 874E136G1 Power Supply Monitor
  GE MK III 4136J53G1 Pressure Control/Limiter Board
  GE MK III 4161J28G1 Servo Amp Board
  GE MK III 4136J56G1 Set Point Select Board
  GE MK III 4116J81G1 Shaft Voltage Monitor
  GE MK III 4136J55G1 Speed Board
  GE MK III 4176J86-G01 Speed, Overspeed, Zero Speed
  GE MK III 4136J52G1 Standard Summer Board
  GE MK III 4136J62G1 Thrust Force Board
  GE MK III 4136J63G1 Thrust Wear Board
  GE MK III 9T51B28 Transformer, KVA .500, Type-QB, PRI VOLT 120/240 SEC VOLT 120/240
  GE MK III 4136J54G1 Watch Dog Board
  GE MK III 4145J42-G2 Isolated E/I Board
  GE MK III 4135J52-G01 Standard Summer Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HUMB1B1A GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HCVA1H1G GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HAIC1A1A GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HSAB1C1A GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HLNE1B1B GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800NPRB1A1A GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HSCG1D1E GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HSCG1E1F GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800DMPK1C1B GE Mark III+ Processor Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800NRTB1A1A GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HIOD1G1C GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HRDB1D1D GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HCMC1A1B GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HPRB1C1C GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HPRB1D1C GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HAFA1C1D GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HSAB1C1A GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800NPSL1A1A GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HXPD1B1D GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK III+ DS3800HAFA1C1D GE Mark III+ Board
  GE MK V PCA198-CXB/ SB872830-00A ARC-NET PCB Removed From GE MK V Chassis
  GE SPEED TRONICS GEICD888116PA Timer__10to100Seconds__MFR_Tempo
  GE SPEED TRONICS GEICD8881111PA Timer__6to60Minutes__MFG_Tempo
  GEC Althon MFAC34F1BB0001A Differencial Relay, 25-325 V per Phase, 60HZ
  GEC Althon MFAC34F1BB0001A GEC Althom International Inc Differential Relay (25-235V/Phase, 60Hz)
  General Motors Corp 36330019-03 Relay 120 VDC Coil, 5 A Contacts
  International Instruments 91246181 GAUGE, VERTICAL, DUAL SCALE 0 TO 100%, FS 10VDC
  International Instruments 91246179 Gauge_Vertical_Dual_Scale_0to15_MILS_FS_10VDC
  International Instruments 91146285 Gauge_Vertical_Scale_0to100_F_S_10VDC
  International Instruments 91146287 Gauge_Vertical_Scale_0to100%_F_S_10VDC
  International Instruments 91146284 Gauge, Vertical, Scale 0 TO 15 MILS, FS 10VDC
  International Instruments 2548 28VDC SCALE DC mA METER
  Lewis Eng. 10S18 Switch___Off_to_18
  Lewis Eng. 1089 Switch_0ff_thru_9
  Metrocil ZB9411571 High_Impedence_Protection_High_Resistance_Disks_12MM_Sets_of_3
  MTL Instruments MTL 3045 Isolating Driver
  Non-Linear Systems PM350S1 DV_Voltmeter_Led_Digital____need_image
  North American Turbine Corp AS5000080 REV 0 KV Turbine Monitor Card Rack
  North American Turbine Corp 31163645 (-) Slot 11 Temp Detector
  North American Turbine Corp 31165442A Slot 12 Level Switch
  North American Turbine Corp 31163884 (-) Slot 13 Measure Unit
  North American Turbine Corp 38023438 (-) Slot 1 , 3 Speed Detector
  North American Turbine Corp 33087487C Slot 14 Voltage Regulator
  North American Turbine Corp 33087875A Slot 2 Level Switch
  North American Turbine Corp 38087859A Slot 4 Level Switch
  North American Turbine Corp 33086463A Slot 6 Exhaust Temp Detector
  North American Turbine Corp 33086471A Slot 7 Level Switch
  North American Turbine Corp AS5000010 Turbine_Cleaning_Assy
  North American Turbine Corp AS5000020 REV 1 Turbine_Control_Option_Module_with_Relays
  North American Turbine Corp 33086464A SLOT 6 EXHAUST TEMP DETECTOR
  North American Turbine Corp 31165442A SLOT 7 LEVEL SWITCH
  North American Turbine Corp 33087487 SLOT 14 VOLTAGE REGULATOR
  OHMITE 55955F Motor_Drive_Data_125VDC
  Omega Eng Inc 13 Pos Switch, OFF/1/2 13 Pos Switch, OFF/1/2
  Omega Eng Inc 3_pos_sw__off_1_2 3_pos_sw__off_1_2
  Omegatronics 1212F 1200_Annunciator_Control_with_Relays_24VDC
  Parker Hydraulics 1334453010 Greer Anti Extrusion Ring
  Parker Hydraulics 703001 Greer Bladder Repair Kit
  Phoenix MCR-CLP-UI/1-4 Phoenix Contact, Converter Module
  Phoenix MCR-T/UI-E Phoenix Contact, Isolation Module
  Polyamp PC150C24B DC-DC Converter: In 50-150 V, Out 24 V
  Polyamp PM150C24 DC-DC Converter: In 75-150 V, Out 24 V
  Polyamp PC250C24NTC DC to DC Converter: In 85-150 V Out 24 V
  POTTER & BROMFIELD KUP14D15 Relay_3pole_Doublrthrow_24VDC
  POTTER & BROMFIELD 27E123 Relay_Base
  Precision Digital PD6093N Digital Meter
  RIS SC-1302 Isolation_Transformer__in100mV__out4_20mA__Pwr115VAC
  RIS SC-1326 Isolated_Millivolt_Transmitter__In0to20mV_Out0to1mA
  Rittal-Werk 3107 3107 Rittal-Werk Enclosure Heater
  ROCHESTER INSTRUMENTS SYSTEMS TM2485EXP2CC00 Expansion_Chassis_Model_TM_3485
  ROSEMOUNT 1151GP7E12B2 Transmitter_Span__0to200PSI_output_4to20mA_Power_max45VDC_w_manifold
  ROSEMOUNT 1151DP4E12B2 Transmitter_SPAN_0to150_inH20__Output4to20mA_Pwr_Max45VDC w-manifold
  ROSEMOUNT 1151DP5E12B2 Transmitter_Span_0to750_inH20_Output4to20mA_Pwr_max45VDC_w_manifold
  ROSEMOUNT 1151AP7E12B2 Transmitter_Span_0to300PSI_Output4to20mA__Pwr_max45VDC_w_manifold
  ROSEMOUNT 444PL1U1A12NA Transmitter_Span_25to75Deg_C_Output_same as span_Pwr-max45VDC_w_manifold
  Schaevitz Sensors 02181600-120 DC-Operated Rotary Variable Inductance Transducers
  Scientific Columbus 6284B Freq Transducer, IN120 VAC tol 10%; OUT 0-1 mADC, 0-10K ohm
  Scientific Columbus XL3-1K5-A4 Watt Transducer (Exceltronic) IN 120/60 HZ, 1K Watts; OUT 1mA, 0-20K ohm
  Scientific Columbus WT3-1K5-A4 Watt Transducer (Halltiplier), IN 120 VAC/0-5AMPS; OUT 0-1mA, 0-10K ohm
  Siemens AC-200-381-549, REV. 4 50-Pin Ribbon Cable Assy Never Used
  Siemens 500-5606 Network Tap Housings
  Siemens 3TH8013-0B Relay w/1S+3O/1NO+3NC 200-600 VAC; 125 VDC Coil..Never Used
  Siemens 3TH8031-0B Relay w/3NO+1NC 220-660 VAC 125 VDC Coil..Never Used
  Siemens 3TH2031-0BB4 Relay w/3NO+1NC 230-690 VAC..Never Used
  Siemens 3TH4031-OB Relay w/3S+1O/3NO+1NC 220-660VAC;125Coil
  Siemens 3TH4040-0B Relay w/4NO 230-690 VAC; 125 VDC Coil..Used
  Siemens 3TH4244-0B Relay w/4S+4O/4NO+4NC 230-690 VAC; 125 VDC Coil..Used
  Siemens 3TH8253-0B Relay w/5NO & 3NC 220-660 VAC; 125 VDC Coil..Used
  Siemens AC-101-018-567 REV .06 Siemens Voltage Transducer
  Siemens 14-193-100-522 Single_Contact _1000VDC_Coil_28VDC
  Siemens AC-101-042-504 REV 5 Small_Transformer _Assy___11_93_3347_04
  Siemens CNS396 Programable_Time_Delay
  Siemens Sematic 505-ATM-4120 386/ATM Coprocessor w/User Manual, Driver Disk
  Siemens Sematic 2586232-0002 8 Slot I/O Base model 505-6508..Never Used
  Siemens Sematic 6ES5 931-8MD11 S5-100U PS931 Power Supply Module
  Siemens Sematic 6ES5 464-8ME11 S5 Analog Input Module 4x4 20mA
  Siemens Sematic 6ES5 464-8MA21 S5 Analog Input Module 4x +/- 50mV
  Siemens Sematic 6ES5 470-8MC12 S5 Analog Output Module 2x4 20mA
  Siemens Sematic 6ES5 700-8MA11 S5 Bus Module
  Siemens Sematic 6ES5 431-8MA11 S5 Digital Input Module 8x24V DC
  Siemens Sematic 6ES5 441-8MA11 S5 Digital Output Module 8x24V DC/0.5 A
  Siemens Sematic 6ES5 318-8MB12 S5 ET200U 318-B Interface Module
  Siemens Sematic 6GK1 501-0AA00 SINEC L2FO AS501A Active Star Coupler w/16 slots for OPM or
  Siemens Sematic PPX:505-8105-2 TI505 Input/Output Modules User Manual
  Siemens Sematic PPX:555-8101-1 TI555 System Manual
  Siemens Sematic PPX:TIWAY-8124-2 TIWAY 1 TI505 Network Interface Module Users Manual
  SSAC TDM24DL Time_Delay_Relay_24vdc
  STATE CO SB174 Double_throw_Knife_Switch
  Struthers-Dunn L 252 207 ISS.4 Conlog, Alarm, Trip RTD Module specify alarm or alarm trip
  Struthers-Dunn CTTM-12-E11-0-RTD3 RTD Input Module Assy (chassis)
  Tech Marine None On Part Converter PCB 0-200 m A
  Telecon 800A2C1J3L2N1 GE2101J82116 Display_indicator_Grn
  Telecon 8ooA2C1J3L2N1 GE2101J82_115 Display_indicator Red
  Telecon 800A2C1J3L2N1 GE2101J82_117 Display_Indicator_Orange
  Tempo GE888A-117 28V DC Timer, 30 -300 seconds, 17T72, 51T91
  Tempo GE888A1141 Timer_Relay_28VDC_3to30_seconds
  TurboNet Dash 1 Control Systems Generic Single Bay Cabinet - MSTG-SC/SAX/DAX & GTG I/O COUNT
  TurboNet Dash 1 Control Systems HMI/EWS - Human Machine Interface/Engineer Work Station with Historian
  TurboNet Dash 1 Control Systems Mark I, Mark II, Mark IV Direct Gas Turbine Replacment Control System
  Vickers 35D870-2 Voltage Regulator
  Weed 2237B RTD
  Westinghouse VP2-841 Freq Transducer IN 120V/55-65 HZ; OUT 150-350ua, 280 ohm
  Westinghouse KA-241S Gauge, Scale: 0 TO 15 AC KILOVOLTS
  Westinghouse MV832 Phase_Shifting_Transformer
  Westinghouse CRN1290B038A09 Protective Relay_5amp_120VAC_60 HZ
  Westinghouse 1645835 Type W Switch, Raise/Off/Lower
  Westinghouse VP2-840 Watt Transducer 3PH, IN 120/60 HZ 1K Watts; OUT 50mV, 50 ohm
  Westinghouse D5S-8M KW Hour Meter 120 VAC 60 HZ
  Westinghouse 292B402A10 292B402A10 Westinghouse Voltage Relay
  Westinghouse 292B400A12 292B400A12 Westinghouse Current Relay
  Woodward 5460-963 A Auxiliary Assembly
  Woodward 5460-969 A Final Driver Assembly
  Woodward 5460-968 O Inlet Control Assembly
  Woodward 8271-147 C Load Sensor Input Module
  Woodward 8272-288 Load_Sharing_and_Speed_Control_Range_2Kto6K_HZ
  Woodward 5460-967 A Power Sensor Assembly
  Woodward 5438-412 A Power Supply Assembly
  Woodward 5460-965 O Speed Control Assembly
  Woodward 5460-966 O Speed Reference Assembly
  Woodward 5460-964 O Speed Sensor Assembly
  Woodward 8230-586 A Woodward Governer Chassis, 13 Slot W P/S Slot
  Woodward 8240-084 Valve Actuator EGB-10C
  Woodward 9086496 9086496 Woodward EG-A Control
  Woodward 8327012 8327012 Woodward EG-A Control
  Woodward 8416778 8416778 Woodward Peaking Load Control
  Woodward 8365739 8365739 Woodward Peaking Load Control
  Woodward 8270-010 8270-010 Woodward Motor Operated Potentiometer
  Yokogawa 248943-540-AHF-1-0-M Combined Watt/Var Transducer, 2 Element
  Yokogawa 248953-540-AHF-1-0 Watt Transducer, 2 Element
  Yokogawa 103282AMGG7EAA MegaVar Meter +/- 15MVar
  Yokogawa 103191HEZZ AC MegaWatts Meter
  Yokogawa YE-103191HEXX AC Amp Meter 0 - 1,200 A

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